How to Cure Heartburn Fast- Natural heartburn Relief

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Published: 07th October 2010
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It is not at all uncommon for people to suffer from heartburn which leads many to look for forms of natural heartburn relief. Heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest as a result of reflux of stomach acid to the esophagus. Statistics show that over one hundred million people experience heartburn every month.

The drug companies that sell heartburn pills, tablets and syrups generate billions of dollars off of heartburn sufferers only to give a temporary relief to keep consumers coming back for more. This repetitive cycle puts heartburn sufferers at a disadvantage and that is not even the worst part. Many of these products contain ingredients that are unnecessary and potentially harmful as they are not natural heartburn relief ingredients.

The truth is that the vast majority of these heartburn medications are synthetic and are not natural heartburn relief products. These medications are produced in labs which can be very unhealthy and can potentially worsen the heartburn condition as well as give rise to negative side effects. That is why it is becoming increasingly more popular to find natural heartburn relief guides and methods that can show you ways to safely alleviate or even cure heartburn. Below are some natural heartburn relief methods.

Natural Heartburn Relief- Antacids(ingredients that lowers stomach acidity)

Heartburn is experienced when our stomachs become overly acidic. This condition is very harmful and eating foods that contain high levels of acid will make the condition more severe. An effective antacid that you'll find in many natural heartburn relief books is baking soda. What you do is you take 1 to 2 spoonfuls of baking soda and mix with water in a cup. Then you slowly drink the solution and this will ease the heartburn almost instantaneously.

Why does baking soda work so well against heartburn? Well, baking soda serves as an antacid. The way baking soda delivers natural heartburn relief boils down to bases versus acids. Bases cancel out acids. Baking soda is a very strong base and when you drink this baking soda solution it cancels out the acidity in your stomach relieving you of heartburn. Drinking baking soda is one of the most common forms of natural heartburn relief.

This simple method can grant you up to two hours of relief. However it is very important for you to learn and understand what other conditions you may have before using any natural heartburn relief method. For example while baking soda is an effective remedy for heartburn, it does increase blood pressure. So if you suffer from high blood pressure, baking soda might not be ideal for you so you may want to use another natural heartburn relief method. You can find many other natural heartburn relief methods that are suitable for you in many natural heartburn treatment books on the market.

The drug industry uses very similar ingredients to baking soda when they make their medications to relieve heartburn. However what they also do is add food coloring, flavor enhancers, sweeteners and other very unhealthy, harmful ingredients that in some cases counteract the soothing properties of antacids and may do more harm then good.

This may make it taste better or look better but it is potentially more harmful. Additionally, the extra unnecessary ingredients found in heartburn medication make it cost much more than natural heartburn reliefs.

A Natural Heartburn Relief Diet Guide

Using antacids like baking soda serves as a cost effective temporary natural heartburn relief. The only way to really eliminate it is to improve our diets. The healthiest and most effective way to cure and prevent heartburn completely is following a natural heartburn relief diet.

When you change the way you eat by removing the acidic foods from your diet, you will undoubtedly prevent heartburn. Also finding foods with low acidic levels will help as it is part of the natural heartburn relief process.

The biggest problem with this is that so many of our favorite foods have high acidity levels, especially foods high in fat and sugar. However what many do not realize is that there are ways to easily find and make foods similar to the ones we love that provide natural heartburn relief and are not acidic. You just need to be taught how.

The challenge is that many people do not know what antacid foods they should eat and what acidic foods they should avoid. The best way to go about confronting this challenge is to follow a natural heartburn relief diet guide that educates you on how to prevent heartburn all together using healthy, flexible and natural heartburn diet habits.

Author: Nick Munoz,( Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Therapist).

For a heartburn diet book that educates you on how to treat and prevent heartburn naturally I recommend a book called Heartburn No More by Jeff Martin.

This book shows you the exact foods should eat and what foods to avoid in order to cure and prevent heartburn naturally without ongoing medication or surgery. The book also has very effective, easy to follow natural heartburn diets.

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